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South American Sea Lions
Adventure in Puerto Piramides

Discover sea kayaking in Peninsula Valdes!

During this half day outing we will paddle in the bay of Puerto Piramides, the perfect introduction to the sport of kayaking.

We leave the beach of Puerto Piramides and navigate towards Piramides Point. There, the abundance of wildlife: Southern Sea Lions, Cormorants, South American Terns - gives life to these cliffs. Once we have passed the point, we are able see the rock formation that gave Puerto Piramides its name. On our return we stop at a beach known for its caves and fossils. From here we do a mini-trek with an interpretation of the coastal environment.


Distance: 5kms
Duration: 3hs
Included: Energetic snack and water.

Recommended time: December through March. Minimun group size: 2 persons.

Cost: U$D 70

Summer Season
Sea Kayak

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Nuevo Gulf
Observation of sea lions, marine birds and crystal clear waters.

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